June 04, 2012

Statement from Danielle Smith on New Brunswick Senate elections

CALGARY, AB (June 4, 2012): Wildrose Official Opposition Leader Danielle Smith today issued the following statement in support of Senate elections in New Brunswick:  “I’m thrilled that Premier David Alward and the Province of New Brunswick have taken this historic step towards creating an effective, elected Senate.

For too long, Alberta has been the only jurisdiction with Senate elections – we’re happy to have a new ally in the call for Senate reform.  “Electing Senators is just the first step in transforming the Senate into a truly representative and effective body. I call on Premier Alison Redford, in her discussions with other Premiers, to urge them to move forward with Senate elections.  Alberta must continue to be the national champion of Senate reform. Since its inception, Wildrose has been steadfast in its support of Senate reform and elected Senators. As the Official Opposition, we will continue to promote this cause both here in Alberta and on the national stage.”


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