September 19, 2013

Statement from Danielle Smith on High River compensation

HIGH RIVER, AB (September 19, 2013): Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith has released the following statement on the property damage compensation package announced last night for the 1,900 High River homes that were damaged after the June floods:   

“I’m relieved to see my constituents will finally see the compensation they are rightly entitled to after having their homes broken into and property damaged. This has been an incredibly stressful ordeal for them, on top of what was already a terrible situation following the unprecedented flooding our town experienced.  “I’m also satisfied to see the Alberta government – after dismissing my constituents’ claims and casting doubt over the extent of the damage – has finally acknowledged what happened and is committing to compensation. I’m gratified that the compensation portion of this has been solved.  It’s time for us to move on and focus on the bigger issue, which is making sure the Disaster Recovery Program starts working.  “The DRP needs to be fixed.  We know, for instance, that there are still homeowners awaiting DRP funding from Medicine Hat floods in 2010 and 2011.  The Premier should turn her attention to solving this even bigger problem.”  


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