August 16, 2013

Statement by Rowe on province's changes to flood policy

EDMONTON, AB (August 16, 2013): Wildrose Municipal Affairs Critic Bruce Rowe made the following statement regarding changes made by the PC government to flood policies on land titles:  “It has been nearly two months since flooding struck southern Alberta and this government has failed to put together a comprehensive infrastructure plan or take any meaningful action on redrawing flood zone maps.  



Now they appear to be making it up as they go along without any concrete strategy in place to protect Albertans from future flooding.  “Today’s announcement will only increase the confusion of flooded out residents.  It will also suggest to those living in floodways which were not flooded this year, that the process of flood mapping is irrelevant as future flood ways may now be determined simply by where the next flood strikes.  “One month ago, the Wildrose called for a new mitigation infrastructure plan along with new and comprehensive flood zone mapping, both of which the province has failed to take action on.  This would mean consulting with municipalities and utilizing third party engineers to draft a mitigation plan that determines what floodways and floodplains would be after new mitigation is in place.  Only for those few homes and businesses where mitigation cannot adequately protect property in future flooding events should relocation be considered.  “It’s time for this government to stop shirking its responsibilities and immediately implement a proper mitigation strategy so Albertans can start rebuilding safely and responsibly."  The Wildrose released its 2013 Preliminary Flood Report in July with 22 recommendations on what should have been done to better prepare for Flood 2013, how relief and recovery efforts must be improved, what should be done to help victims recover and how the province can mitigate the damage caused by future flooding. 


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