January 31, 2014

State department delivers another clear endorsement of Keystone XL

EDMONTON, AB (January 31, 2013): The Keystone XL Pipeline must be approved as soon as possible after  yet another US State Department report downplayed the environmental impacts of approving the project, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

 The report, released this afternoon, states: “Assuming construction of the proposed Project were to occur in the next few years, climate conditions during the construction period would not differ substantially from current conditions.” It goes on, “However, during the subsequent operational time period, the following climate changes are anticipated to occur regardless of any potential effects from the proposed Project...” Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith acknowledged that there are legitimate environmental concerns but refusing the approval of Keystone is not the way to address them. “We are happy to see another environmental assessment come back in favor of the Keystone XL Pipeline,” Smith said. “Very clearly, the arguments being used against the project have no basis in economic or scientific reality. This project has been a no-brainer all along. President Obama should accept the overwhelming evidence in support of Keystone and make a decision as soon as possible.” Until the decision is finally made, it is essential that Alberta continues to do everything possible to help ensure that Keystone is approved, Smith adds. “Today’s announcement is important but the pipeline still hasn’t been approved,” Smith said. “We can’t let up. The Alberta government must continue to work with our partners until the Keystone XL Pipeline is shipping our energy product south.”


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