February 26, 2016

Standing up for seniors top priority

Today, Wildrose Shadow Seniors Minister Tany Yao released the following statement in reaction to news that low-income seniors have been shortchanged on their Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) since 2008:

“One of the most important roles for a government to undertake is to ensure that society’s most vulnerable are cared for, especially our low-income seniors.
“I am disheartened to hear the news that thousands of Alberta seniors have not received the full GIS payments that they rely on to have a suitable quality of life.
“Wildrose will be closely following the situation concerning GIS payments for Alberta seniors to ensure that those in arrears receive the money they are entitled to.
“By 2030 Canada will see the proportion of seniors grow rapidly, reaching a total of one in four persons being 65 years or over.
“Albertans can have confidence that Wildrose will continue to stand up for seniors and ensure that as they reach their later years in life, they will have access to the services that they depend upon.”


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