April 18, 2012

Standing up for Rural Alberta: the Wildrose Plan to Support Agriculture and Respect Property Rights

April 18, 2012 (Chestermere, AB): Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith today explained how poor PC policies have increased input costs, depressed crop prices, and limited access to important international markets, and why a Wildrose government is the best choice for rural Alberta. “There was a time the PCs understood the issues that mattered to rural Alberta, but no more,” said Smith. “What’s good for rural Alberta is and always has been good for the rest of the province.

 That’s why a Wildrose government will work with you, not against you.”” Speaking to supporters on a family farm in Chestermere-Rocky View, Smith highlighted the steps she would take to undo the damage done by the Progressive Conservatives, including working with industry, the federal government, and foreign governments to cut counterproductive red tape, ensure better responsiveness to emerging issues, and open new lucrative markets. Smith also pledged a Wildrose government would scrap a number of misguided PC bills that have undermined property rights in the province, including Bill 50, the Electric Statutes Amendment Act, which empowers the government to build massive, unnecessary transmission lines through private land, and Bill 36, the Alberta Land Stewardship Act, which allows the government to rescind licenses and permits rural businesses to rely on and suddenly prohibit activities without assurances of adequate compensation. “The PCs have put their friends and their pet projects ahead of your family and your interests for long enough.  On April 23, we need to elect a government for all Albertans, one that understands the concerns discussed around the suburban family dinner table as well as those over breakfast on the family farm,” said Smith.” 


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