April 20, 2015

Standing up for patient-centred health and seniors care: Shrinking wait times

EDMONTON, AB (April 20, 2015): Today, the Wildrose announced a commitment to aggressively tackle languishing PC wait times for families and seniors through the Wildrose Wait Time Guarantee.

The commitment is apart of the Standing Up for Albertans: Wildrose’s Five Priorities.

Despite the Prentice PCs spending 20 per cent above the national average on health care, Alberta receives among the worst results. 

“Our health care system is broken.  I’ve seen it first hand sitting in hospitals across the province and no family should have to go through the same experience,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “Our Wait Time Guarantee will make sure our health care system is about patients served, not dollars spent.  Unlike the PCs, we believe no Albertans should have to sit languishing in waiting lists, wondering when it will be their turn to receive critical treatment.”


PC Wait Time

Wait Time Alliance

Wait Time


Hip Replacement

38 weeks

26 weeks

30 weeks

Knee Replacement

49 weeks

26 weeks

30 weeks

Cataract Surgery

35 weeks

16 weeks

20 weeks

Coronary Artery Bypass

25 weeks

6 weeks

10 weeks

Radiation Therapy

5 weeks

10 days

20 days

 The Wait Time Guarantee will ensure Albertans get access to five critical health procedures within a reasonable time of the wait time benchmarks set by the Canadian Wait Time Alliance of medical professionals.

“Waiting for almost a year for a knee or hip replacement is totally unacceptable for families and seniors across Alberta.  They deserve so much better,” Jean said.  “In order to stand up for truly patient-centred care, Albertans expect a vision and a plan to protect our public health care system. The Prentice PCs stand for higher taxes, higher spending and less services. Wildrose is standing up for low taxes and better services focused on results.”

The Wait Time Guarantee will allow Albertans who have waited longer than they should for these important procedures to instead get the care they need at an independent facility inside or outside of Alberta and have it reimbursed up to the Alberta public rate.  These were surgeries the public system was paying for anyway, so getting these Albertans healthy sooner will generate cost savings while freeing up capacity which shortens wait lists.

On May 5, Albertans have an important choice to make: a vote for higher taxes, higher spending and less services, or a vote for the Wildrose - a party dedicated to no tax increases, and a positive vision for jobs, growth and prosperity. The only way to stop your taxes from going up is to vote Wildrose.


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