April 08, 2015

Standing up for Albertans: Selling off the Kananaskis boondogle

KANANASKIS, AB (April 8, 2015):  While the PC plan includes paying out millions to PC friends at the Kananaskis golf course, the Wildrose is standing up for ending PC waste and cronyism by promising to sell off the Kananaskis golf course, the Wildrose Party announced today.

“Priorities under the Prentice PCs are raising taxes and spending hundreds of millions on golf courses, golden handshakes and corporate handouts,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “Priorities under the Wildrose are not raising taxes, balancing the budget and putting an end to these type of secret contracts that award millions of dollars to PC insiders.”

Since the 2013 floods, the PCs have given over $5 million in corporate handouts and another $145,000 in waived property taxes to Kan-Alta Management Ltd, the owners of the Kananaskis Golf Course.

There are currently hundreds of Albertans across southern Alberta still waiting for their disaster recovery claims to be settled.

“This is just more of the same from the PCs. While everyday Albertans are hurting, friends of the PCs are given special perks,” Jean said.  “If the government can't make this crony contract public, and if the contract commits us to shoveling taxpayer dollars into this money pit, then let's sell it and be done with it.  It’s time for new leadership that stands up for Albertans against this waste and focuses on real priorities.”

On May 5, Albertans have an important choice to make: a vote for higher taxes, higher spending and less services, or a vote for the Wildrose - a party dedicated to no tax increases, and a positive vision for jobs, growth and prosperity. The only way to stop your taxes from going up is to vote Wildrose.


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