May 30, 2014

Smith statement on upcoming FOIP review

EDMONTON, AB (May 30, 2014): Today, Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith released the following statement on the Privacy Commissioner’s upcoming investigation into how the PC government handles FOIP requests:

“I’m pleased to learn Alberta’s Privacy Commissioner will be reviewing the policies and practices the PC government uses to handle freedom of information requests. The FOIP process is a key democratic function, and evidence has piled up suggesting PC Ministers and political staff have abused it in a way that amounts to nothing short of political interference. 

“Just last month, Wildrose revealed a leaked email showing former Deputy Premier and current PC leadership hopeful Thomas Lukaszuk directed the PC cabinet to have their partisan press secretaries gather information about incoming FOIP requests that could be ‘damaging’ to the PC government brand. The disclosure of this directive led to more examples of potential FOIP abuse surfacing. These cases have been well documented in the media, but I hope Mr. Lukaszuk will admit to Albertans exactly how far the abuse and manipulation went. Albertans will want to know where the PC leadership hopefuls stand on the important issue of protecting the Freedom of Information process in Alberta. 

“I look forward to reading the report of the Privacy Commissioner’s findings.”


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