December 11, 2014

Smith statement on the end of fall session

EDMONTON, AB (December 11, 2014): Today, Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith released the following statement on the end of the fall legislative session.

“During the fall session Albertans began to see the tough choices that lie ahead for this government.

“Our health care system is still failing to provide our seniors basic levels of care, hospitals are in disrepair, and emergency rooms are clogged right across the province.

“We are not on schedule with promised school projects, delivery of modulars is delayed, and student performance is declining.

“And with the price of oil at around $60 per barrel, Mr. Prentice's first budget will be a challenge. This is not business as usual and this PC government can no longer pin its hopes on a return to $100 oil.

“Our province’s finances are in need of immediate course correction. For years, the Wildrose has laid out positive and constructive ideas for scrapping the layers of wasteful spending across government without hurting core front-line services. We encourage Mr. Prentice and his government to immediately implement these proposals.

“In the coming weeks and months, we will pressure this government to come forward with a realistic and sustainable plan to get our finances out of this mess, and for the government to be forthright and realistic about the agenda it is putting forward.

“You will continue to see a Wildrose Opposition identifying areas where the government can improve, and laying out the path we believe is best for Alberta.”


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