June 17, 2014

Smith statement on Northern Gateway pipeline approval

CALGARY, AB (June 17, 2014): Today, Wildrose Official Opposition Leader Danielle Smith released the following statement on the federal government’s decision to approve the Northern Gateway pipeline:

“I welcome the federal government’s decision to grant official approval to the Northern Gateway pipeline. This project will create jobs, increase market access for Alberta energy products and strengthen national and provincial economies across the country when it is finally completed.

“I’m hopeful construction will begin on this project right away. However, I remain skeptical. I believe we will likely still have challenges to address to see this project become a reality.

“The issues surrounding Northern Gateway are exactly why last week I proposed that for future projects Canada needs a trans-national commercial corridor for energy development as part of a larger national market access strategy. The time is right to start discussing a national resource right-of-way in Canada. A dedicated corridor from northern Ontario through to the west coast would create a safe and reliable way to get products to market while reducing environmental risk.”


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