October 10, 2013

Smith responds to Premier's statement on salary disclosure

EDMONTON, AB (October 10, 2013): Wildrose Official Opposition Leader Danielle Smith released the following statement in response to Premier's statement on salary disclosure: 

“Premier Alison Redford's statement on salary disclosure is an example of why so many Albertans no longer trust her on issues of ethics and accountability. “After saying this morning, she had no control over the release of Mr. Carter’s severance information, tonight she has backtracked, saying that she will change the policy and release this information, but only well after her leadership vote has taken place. “Make no mistake; the Premier knows that legally she will be forced to eventually release this information, and has therefore created a path to ensure its disclosure at a politically convenient time. “Since the Premier has now affirmed her authority to instruct on these matters, she should do the right thing and order the immediate release of the information on all outstanding FOIPs related to Premier's Office contracts, salary and severance.”


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