September 06, 2014

Smith congratulates Prentice on winning PC leadership

HIGH RIVER, AB (September 6, 2014): Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith released the following statement on Jim Prentice winning the Progressive Conservative leadership:

“On behalf of my Wildrose colleagues, I’d like to congratulate Jim Prentice on winning the PC leadership race this evening and becoming Premier-designate.

“Mr. Prentice has a tremendous road ahead of him in order to rebuild trust with Albertans and get a grip on a government that has spiraled out of control. Albertans will now look to him to start repairing the government’s damaged reputation and making progress on the many challenges we face as a province.

“I look forward to debating him in the Legislature and holding his government to account. Wildrose is committed to giving Albertans a ready-to-govern alternative to the PCs for the next election.”


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