August 29, 2013

Smith calls for school fee relief for High River parents

HIGH RIVER, AB (August 29, 2013): Parents of students in flood-ravaged High River shouldn’t be paying full fare on school fees for mandatory courses this year, Wildrose Highwood MLA Danielle Smith said today.


As parents prepare to send their children back to school, Smith said she’d like to see some co-operation between the schools and Minister Rick Fraser along with the Ministry of Education to reduce or eliminate mandatory fees for families still coping with the devastating aftermath of the 2013 floods. “Parents face extraordinary circumstances this fall as they prepare to send their children back to school and pay the annual fees each school collects,” Smith said. “There is a tremendous opportunity here for the government and the community to help parents who will have an especially difficult time making ends meet this fall.” Annual school fees for mandatory courses in High River range from between $20 for Kindergarten students to $450 for older students. Smith suggested the province could step in to provide one-time relief considering the state of the town and its flood victims. “There has to be something we can do for these parents,” Smith said. “Their homes and their lives were devastated this summer by the floods. Let’s not add to their stress by making it difficult for their children to get the educational experience they need.” Wildrose has previously called on the government to eliminate school fees altogether.


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