August 21, 2013

Smith calls for clarity on Redford's $5B claim

EDMONTON, AB (August 21, 2013): Premier Alison Redford needs to immediately substantiate her claim that flood recovery will cost taxpayers “well over” $5 billion, Wildrose Official Opposition Leader Danielle Smith said today. 

Smith said Redford’s $5 billion claim was made with absolutely no supporting evidence and suggests the Premier is deliberately inflating the price tag to account for bigger deficits and eventually higher taxes. “Premier Redford isn’t about to let this crisis go to waste,” Smith said. “She sees this as her one and only opportunity to justify her debt and deficits and soften the ground for a tax increase and that’s why she’s tossing around massive numbers with nothing to back them up.” Smith said Redford needs to provide a detailed and independent account for flood recovery costs so taxpayers can be confident she isn’t manipulating the total for political gain. “The simple solution here is to show everybody the numbers,” Smith said. “If it’s indeed well over $5 billion as she says, prove it. If not, show us what it will be. Don’t just start throwing numbers around to suit your own political agenda.”  


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