March 11, 2016

Skyrocketing unemployment an indictment of NDP policies

Following new statistics showing that Alberta’s unemployment rate has hit a staggering, 20-year high, the NDP needs to show it’s taking job loss numbers seriously by accepting job-creation solutions from across the aisle and scrapping its failed jobs subsidy program, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

Alberta’s unemployment rate has climbed more than 2.5 points in the past year, including reaching a staggering 8.4 per cent in Calgary. Wildrose Shadow Jobs Minister Grant Hunter said the NDP needs to put down its ideological playbook and start listening to good ideas from across the aisle.
“The mounting job losses we’re seeing around Alberta should be an immediate cause for concern for this government, but instead of working to preserve good jobs for families, the NDP has been laser-focused on pushing through its job-killing experiments,” Hunter said. “Wildrose has proposed a number of solutions to get Albertans working, and the NDP has ignored every single one of them. The time is now for the NDP to get serious about governing.”
Hunter said the NDP government’s refusal to take action on mounting job losses has created especially hard conditions for youth and seniors.
“The NDP claims to stand up for everyday Albertans, but everyday Albertans are seeing their hours cut and wages rolled back because of this government’s policies – that is, if they're lucky enough to still have work,” Hunter said. “Take your pick – whether it’s higher taxes, the $3 billion carbon tax or an unnecessary royalty review, NDP policies are hitting businesses from all sides and families are paying the price.”


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