July 27, 2012

Six years late: Gov't must explain flood report delay

EDMONTON, AB (July 27, 2012): Residents in Alberta’s flood-prone communities deserve answers as to why a flood mitigation report submitted to government almost six years ago was only made public yesterday, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.  

“It’s a shame that flood-prone communities in southern Alberta have had to wait almost six years to see this report and its recommendations to improve flood mitigation,” Smith said. “There’s no telling how much damage and distress could have been avoided over the course of the last six flood seasons had this report been released and its recommendations implemented in a timely manner.”  Smith said the report’s 18 recommendations appear reasonable and cost-effective.  “I see no apparent reason why it was withheld from the public until now,” she said. “However, by sitting on the report for so long, the PC government squandered an opportunity to direct federal stimulus dollars towards implementing the report, thus driving up the cost to taxpayers to act on recommendations. This is classic PC mismanagement.”  Wildrose Sustainable Resource Development Critic Pat Stier said Wildrose MLAs, many of whom represent the 66 communities identified in the report as being flood-prone, will work to ensure the report’s recommendations are swiftly implemented.  “I find it is absolutely appalling that after spending hundreds of hours with concerned municipalities, community leaders and stakeholders that this government chose to totally ignore Albertans with no identifiable explanation,” Stier said. “As the SRD critic, I will personally look into this matter with a sincere focus on finding solutions to this reoccurring problem.”  


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