February 10, 2014

Seniors sexual assault cases deserve immediate action: Towle

EDMONTON, AB (February 10, 2014): The unreported cases of sexual assault at the Mackenzie Towne Care Centre are outrageous and call for immediate action from the government, Wildrose Human Services and Seniors Critic Kerry Towle said today. According to media reports staff at the Calgary long-term care centre were aware of multiple cases of sexual abuse against seniors and did not report it to the proper authorities. 

“I was shocked to hear the allegations coming out of the Mackenzie Towne Care Centre and am calling on the PC government take action to prevent something similar from happening again,” Towle said. “Seniors were violated and their assaults were ignored and not reported to the proper authorities. This is completely outrageous and entirely unacceptable.” Towle said that given these recent revelations, the government should immediately release all the available statistics, detailed information and abuse reports received under the Protection for Persons in Care Act. These figures had been reported annually but haven’t been released since June of 2012. “Following the recent revelations with the death of children in Government care, the PCs and Alberta Health Services should not continue to hide statistics and figures on any issue, especially an issue as important as this,” Towle said. “Why are they continuing to hide the numbers and hide the facts when it comes to assault on residents in seniors care?” Towle also said that given this unreported sexual assault, the province should re-examine their relationship with Revera who operates the facility. “The government must look into the 14 other long-term care facilities Revera operates,” Towle said. “The concerns from Mackenzie Towne Care Centre are serious and we must make sure that none of the problems there carry over to other Revera long-term care centres.”



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