September 26, 2014

Send the PCs a message: Wildrose kicks off campaign for by-election race in Edmonton-Whitemud

Edmonton, AB (September 26, 2014): Today, Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith officially kicked off the upcoming Edmonton-Whitemud by-election by introducing Wildrose candidate Tim Grover and delivering a clear call to action: It's time to send the PCs a message.

Like many communities across Alberta, Edmonton-Whitemud is dealing with the consequences of the PCs government's broken promises on putting an end to lengthy health care wait times, providing more classroom spaces, and delivering sound fiscal management and respect for taxpayers.

Smith said there is a growing sentiment right across the constituency that voters are ready to send the PCs a message.

“The people of Edmonton-Whitemud deserve new representation that puts the needs of their community first,” Smith said. “The PCs have broken trust with Albertans across the province and the new Premier is just more of the same.  Albertans are getting ready to send the PCs a message - that their entitlement and mismanagement will no longer be tolerated and a new generation of leaders is ready to take over."

Grover is a staunch proponent of small business and a leading advocate for entrepreneurial development in Alberta. He has extensive experience over the past 25 years in starting, growing and operating successful small businesses throughout Edmonton and the Capital Region.

“It is a privilege to have someone like Tim, an individual that knows what it takes to have a business succeed, who is dedicated to making his community better and who understands the pressures facing families in Edmonton,” Smith said.

Grover said he’s passionate about giving the people of Edmonton-Whitemud a new representative that they can trust will put their interests first.

“People are telling me they are excited about the opportunity to send the PCs a message.  After a series of scandals and broken promises, they’ve had enough,” Grover said. “Albertans will see our campaign work to earn every single vote and give them a positive alternative, with a forward looking vision for our province and Edmonton.”

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