February 03, 2012

Return the $70k now: Anderson

EDMONTON, AB (February 3, 2012): Wildrose House Leader Rob Anderson is calling on the PC Caucus to immediately return to Alberta taxpayers the $70,000 it spent on a two-day getaway to the Jasper Park Lodge.  Twenty-five PC candidates joined the PC caucus at the Fairmont resort.  

With an election looming, the Wildrose believes this is an explicit breach of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta’s Expenditure Guidelines for Caucus which states on Page 3 (emphasis added):  “Caucus activities and transactions should be separate and distinct from party activities, party identity, events or transactions particularly election activities.”  This is not the first instance where it has been revealed the PCs have inappropriately handled Alberta tax dollars. Just last week, the PC government wrapped up a taxpayer-funded $100,000 pre-election campaign tour and in recent months Wildrose research has revealed the PCs illegally accepted thousands of dollars in donations from municipalitiesschool boards and post-secondary institutions.   Anderson called this pattern of behavior appalling as Albertans prepare for a fifth consecutive deficit budget.  “The Redford PC Party seems to believe that taxpayer money is their money,” Anderson said. “This Jasper getaway is clearly an election campaign meeting and is a blatant violation of the rules that separate legislative activities from partisan ones.  The PC Party needs to return this money immediately.”  The Wildrose Caucus stands for free enterprise, less government, increased personal freedom and democracy.


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