February 14, 2012

Report confirms Bill 50 should go: Hinman

EDMONTON, AB (February 14, 2012): The PC-appointed committee that yesterday rubber stamped two multi-billion dollar transmission lines also delivered a stern rebuke of Bill 50, Wildrose Energy Critic Paul Hinman said today. 

In Question Period, Hinman said Redford should commit to repealing Bill 50 – which gives her cabinet the sole authority to approve massive transmission projects – after the Critical Transmission Review Committee (CTRC) said yesterday that Bill 50’s centralized decision-making process is wrong. “Given your CTRC’s own report admits that the review process is wrong by taking the Alberta Utilities Commission’s authority away and not using a competitive procurement process for building  the north-south lines, will the Premier protect Albertans and our industry from over-inflated power prices by repealing Bill 50 and stopping the overbuild?” Hinman asked. The Wildrose announced its commitment to Albertans last month to repeal Bill 50 and protect power consumersThe Wildrose Caucus stands for free enterprise, less government, increased personal freedom and democracy.


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