September 03, 2014

Release information surrounding CIBC sole-source contract: Anderson

AIRDRIE, AB (September 3, 2014): The PC government should immediately release all information requested surrounding the sole-source contract Jim Prentice’s former employer, CIBC, received from his leadership campaign co-chair, Manmeet Bhullar, Wildrose Finance Critic Rob Anderson said today.

Wildrose made a Freedom of Information request in July into the details of the $225,000 sole-source deal between Bhullar’s Service Alberta department and CIBC World Markets, but the PC government delayed the release of this information until August, and then again until October.

Anderson said the delays violate FOIP rules and create even more questions about Mr. Prentice’s promise to clean up government and end entitlements.

“He promised to ban sole-source contracts, but if in fact he was the beneficiary of one, how can we trust any other part of his platform?” Anderson said. “Mr. Prentice has made a big deal out of promising to clean up government and turn the page on PC entitlement and scandal. However, everything we’ve seen so far from him suggests that he’s just more of the same.”

Anderson said releasing all the documents in Wildrose’s FOIP requests will clarify Mr. Prentice’s role in the sole-sourced contract.

“We need this FOIP to verify Mr. Prentice’s account,” Anderson said. “The fact the government has repeatedly delayed the release of this FOIP and the longstanding relationship between Mr. Prentice and Mr. Bhullar makes this contract particularly unsettling, and we need the facts to come to light. Albertans deserve to know exactly how this deal went down.”


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