January 02, 2013

Release electricity report now: Anglin

EDMONTON, AB (January 2, 2013): Wildrose Official Opposition Utilities Critic Joe Anglin is calling on Energy Minister Ken Hughes to immediately release a major report on electricity prices in Alberta after significant delays and missed deadlines. Hughes originally promised to release the Retail Market Review Committee’s final report before the end of 2012.

 He received the committee’s report – which contains recommendations to, among other things, reduce the volatility of electricity prices – three months ago. Along with the report, Hughes also promised to release the government’s response to its recommendations. “With the dead of winter on the horizon and power bills on the rise, Albertans deserve to know what – if anything – this government is going to do to lower power bills for their families and businesses,” Anglin said. “Minister Hughes has been sitting on this report long enough. The time has come for action.” Albertans pay some of the highest electricity bills in Canada, Anglin noted. He said action needs to be taken to start reducing the wild price spikes Alberta families and businesses experience in the cold winter months. “Minister Hughes can start by releasing this report,” Anglin said. “It’s the public that pays, the public deserves to know.”


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