February 05, 2014

Redford should pay back South Africa trip costs: Anderson

AIRDRIE, AB (February 5, 2014): Premier Alison Redford should see to it that taxpayers are reimbursed for the exorbitant cost of her South Africa trip, Wildrose Finance Critic Rob Anderson said today.


Anderson says Albertans are clearly outraged at the $45,000 price tag of Redford’s trip, most of it due to the Premier’s own personal travel preferences. He points out she used the government plane to get to Ottawa to board the Prime Minister’s plane (at a cost of $15,000) and then refused the return trip, instead opting for a $10,000-first class ticket home. “Clearly, Premier Redford turned down far less costly options so she could travel in style and on her own schedule,” Anderson said. “If she is truly upset with the cost of this trip, as she has indicated, she will make sure Albertans are reimbursed for them either by herself or the PC Party. And given the swift and overwhelmingly negative reaction from Albertans on this issue, she should do so soon.” Anderson also questioned Redford’s assertion that she wasn’t aware of how much her trip cost. “It doesn’t take a genius to know that flying a private jet across the country is expensive, or that her and her assistant flying back executive class from South Africa is going to be pretty pricey,” Anderson said. “Perhaps she should reintroduce herself to the concepts of flying economy class, or God forbid, catching a ‘red-eye’ flight from time to time.”


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