May 30, 2012

Redford's priorities: Exclusive conventions over defending Alberta

EDMONTON, AB (May 30, 2012): Premier Alison Redford is ducking accountability and neglecting her duty to defend Alberta’s oil sands against Federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair by instead choosing to attend a private, invite-only convention and sticking taxpayers with the $19,000-tab.

Mulcair, who has publicly disparaged Alberta’s prosperous and responsible energy sector, visits Alberta tomorrow – but Redford will instead be in Virginia attending the Bilderberg Conference behind closed doors with no public accountability.  Today, Wildrose Official Opposition Leader Danielle Smith blasted Redford for failing, yet again, to appropriately defend Alberta’s oil sands, instead choosing to attend an exclusive convention at taxpayers’ expense.  “The Premier is missing a golden opportunity to stand up for Alberta against Thomas Mulcair and defend the excellent record of our energy sector,” Smith said. “She’s obviously more concerned with making personal connections at an invite-only convention than doing her job to stand up for Alberta. This is a matter of priorities, and Premier Redford has shown where hers lie.”  Smith also questioned the value to Alberta taxpayers of sending the Premier to an invite-only conference with no public agenda or record.  “It’s never a bad idea for the Premier to advocate for Alberta, but there’s no way for Albertans to know whether she is actually advancing our interests at this conference or simply attending for her own personal benefit,” Smith said. 


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