May 22, 2012

Redford PCs slow to act on Highway 63

EDMONTON, AB (May 22, 2012):  Premier Alison Redford’s designation of a special advisor on twinning Highway 63 is yet another substitute for real action to improve safety on the deadly highway, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

 The government has promised to twin Highway 63 several times since 2006, yet the residents of Fort McMurray have seen little action with only 19 km of the 240-km highway twinned so far.  Wildrose MLA Shayne Saskiw said local MLAs are elected to represent their constituents and shouldn’t need a special designation from the Premier to do so.  “It’s shocking that the local MLA needs to be promoted to ‘Special Advisor’ for the constituents of Fort McMurray to have their voice heard at the Legislature,” Saskiw said. “This government’s record on Highway 63 consists entirely of empty words and broken promises. We need action, not new job titles for local MLAs.” Saskiw went on to add that it’s time for a provincial infrastructure priority list that puts urgent projects such as Highway 63 along with Highway 881 – which is often used as an alternative to Highway 63 – at the top of the list.  “For too long the PC government has politicized infrastructure funding instead of prioritizing urgent important projects like the twinning of Highway 63,” Saskiw said.  “We look forward to a more concrete timetable for twinning Highway 63 that will address safety concerns and support continued growth in Fort McMurray.”


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