October 11, 2012

Redford PCs reverse balanced budget promise

EDMONTON, AB (October 11, 2012): As long predicted by the Wildrose Official Opposition, the PC government is planning to break its promise to balance the provincial budget by 2013.  In an interview yesterday, when asked whether the government would keep its promise to balance the budget by 2013, Associate Finance Minister Kyle Fawcett said, “What we are committing to is balancing the operating budget.” 

The operating budget has been ‘balanced’ since 1994 during the early Klein years, and does not include any provincial infrastructure spending which this year amounted to $5.7 billion. Furthermore, during her leadership campaign and prior to the last election, the Premier and her government, continually repeated a promise to balance the budget by 2013.  “The Premier’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ pre-election budget is now being shown for the fraud that it is,” Wildrose Official Opposition Leader Danielle Smith said.  “Ms. Redford owes Albertans an apology for campaigning on such an intentionally deceptive budget, and needs to immediately recommit herself to keeping her campaign promise to balance the budget by 2013.”  Wildrose Finance Critic Rob Anderson pointed out the utter nonsense of the government claiming a budget is balanced without counting any money spent on infrastructure.  “This is like a family saying they have a balanced budget as long as you don’t include their mortgage and car payments,” Anderson said. “It is clear the PCs are changing their election promises in order to keep their spending habits instead of changing their spending habits in order to keep their promises.” 



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