January 09, 2013

Redford must reaffirm promise to not raise taxes

AIRDRIE, AB (January 9, 2013): Premier Alison Redford and the PC government must quash any plans to increase taxes to sustain their reckless spending habits and keep the promise made to not increase or introduce new taxes off the backs of hardworking Albertans, Wildrose Finance Critic Rob Anderson said today. 

The Premier’s principal secretary Lee Richardson is now favouring tax increases on hardworking Alberta families to sustain the Redford government’s legacy of mismanagement and wasteful spending. “Alberta collects more in government revenues and income taxes (per capita) than any province in the country; the problem is the Redford PCs spend more than any other province in the country as well,” Anderson said. “Wildrose firmly opposes any new taxes or tax increases. The Premier needs to reaffirm her oft-stated promise and reject the musings of her top advisor, Mr. Richardson.” Former PC Finance Minister Ron Liepert previously hinted at introducing a provincial sales tax to Alberta instead of facing economic realities by eliminating wasteful government spending, MLA salary increases, outrageous bonuses and pensions for senior bureaucrats, and corporate welfare like $2 billion for carbon capture and storage. “If the PCs campaigned on raising taxes, running a $3 billion deficit and going back into debt, Albertans would have delivered a different verdict last spring. It’s time this government begin acting like financially responsible adults instead of an irresponsible teenager with access to their parent’s credit card,” Anderson said.  


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