November 19, 2013

Redford must come clean on partisan signs, reveal full costs: Wildrose

EDMONTON, AB (November 19, 2013): Today, the Wildrose Official Opposition called on Premier Alison Redford to come clean on who gave the order to put in place dozens of billboards in PC Party colours across the province and the full costs of developing and installing the signage. 

The billboards were put in place on the eve of the Premier’s leadership review, are splashed with PC orange and blue and prominently feature the Premier’s name.  Between Edmonton and Calgary on Highway 2, there are already more than 40 signs in place. Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith said that taxpayers deserve answers about why this money is being spent on this style of self promotion for the Premier while the province is facing debt and cuts to the front lines. “Albertans expect governments to spend money on their priorities, not on trying to bolster the political fortunes of the PC party,” Smith said.  “This sign campaign is crass and the Premier needs to be upfront with Albertans about the cost and who made this decision.” Wildrose Education Critic Bruce McAllister said the sign campaign shows a government that is becoming increasingly removed from everyday Albertans. “This shameless advertising comes free of charge to the Premier and PC party, but leaves taxpayers to pick up the bill,” McAllister said.  “The families I talk to expect their government to crack down on wasteful spending, shrink ballooning class sizes, get our seniors into long-term care or just about anything instead of plastering the landscape with campaign signs for the Premier.”



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