June 08, 2012

Red Deer spill a failure of government enforcement

EDMONTON, AB (June 8, 2012): Yesterday evening’s oil spill into the Red Deer River is further evidence that the current government has failed to effectively monitor and enforce industry regulations, Wildrose Environment Critic Joe Anglin said today.   “We have procedures and protocols in place to prevent these incidents from ever happening and this government is known for not properly following them,” Anglin said.

 “Our regulations are no good unless we have the boots on the ground to enforce them. There’s no reason why these kinds of spills should be occurring in Alberta.”  The spill saw about 3,000 barrels of crude leak into Jackson Creek, a tributary of the Red Deer River near Sundre.  Anglin praised the non-profit Sundre Petroleum Operators Group for detecting the leak and informing the pipeline company about it.  “Their quick action likely prevented the spill from being even worse,” Anglin said. “Mitigation work must continue in order to protect the pristine landscape around Sundre and to ensure the safety of all residents in the area.”  Wildrose believes in effective monitoring of existing regulations and taking real measures to keep Alberta’s air, land and water clean



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