April 14, 2012

Reality Check: Wildrose Candidates Continue to Listen to Albertans

The PC party is becoming increasingly desperate as they continue to make more farfetched claims about Wildrose.  Now the PCs are suggesting Wildrose candidates are not attending local forums. In fact, Wildrose candidates are participating in forums, events, and interviews with media every day. This is in addition to the priority of every Wildrose candidate: engaging directly with Albertans, which is mainly achieved via door knocking

It’s curious that the PCs have only put up Stephen Carter, Susan Elliott, and Tom Olson in television appearances, whereas Wildrose candidates have done countless on-camera interviews. And yet, Wildrose does not accuse the PCs of muzzling their candidates, although, this would be logical, given how many speak out directly against the Redford PCs (http://www.calgaryherald.com/opinion/op-ed/Corbella+Even+wins+Alison+Redford+leadership+jeopardy/6422610/story.html). We call on Alison Redford, as the highest-paid premier in Canada, to show some “real life leadership” and roll back the 30% pay hikes she and her cabinet colleagues gave themselves after the 2008 provincial election (http://www.wildrose.ca/press-releases/smith-to-redford-roll-back-30-pay-hike/ ). If Redford really believed in listening to constituents, her government wouldn’t have punted the issue of MLA compensation till the next election while running on a record of deficit budgets, flip-flops and broken promises on health care. Unlike the Redford PCs who continue to run a negative campaign that avoids the issues, Wildrose will continue to put forward positive and practical solutions that put Albertans first. Wildrose stands for free enterprise, less government, increased personal freedom, and democracy.  


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