April 11, 2012

Reality Check: Study Confirms - PCs Lack Transparency, Accountability

On Monday, the Centre for Law and Democracy ranked Alberta dead last in its study of comparative government transparency (http://www.law-democracy.org) and confirms Albertans' concerns about the lack of transparency and accountability within the Redford PCs. Specifically, the study found several loopholes in Alberta law, including blanket exclusions for MLA offices and for information relating to government contracts.

In other words, there is no mechanism in place to ensure taxpayer dollars are used responsibly. That is why Albertans have footed the bill for brand new multi-million dollar MLA offices, hefty pay raises for Ministers, and now have the highest paid Premier in the country. In four decades, the Redford PCs have done nothing to improve the provincial government's transparency and accountability to voters. In fact, they still have not released a platform or told Albertans how they're planning on paying for $7 billion in lavish campaign promises. This PC culture of entitlement to the taxpayers' purse and lack of accountability must end. That is why Wildrose has put forward the Alberta Accountability Act, to help restore accountability and transparency within the provincial government. Among other things, the AAA will afford constituents the ability to hold their MLAs accountable through recall, and MLA and Minister's will have to open their books to the public.


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