April 10, 2012

Reality Check: Redford Using Public Purse To Buy Votes In Calgary-Elbow

Today, hours before Alison Redford was scheduled to participate in an all candidates forum at Mount Royal University, she shamelessly announced a grant of $86 million for the school (http://www.votepc.ca/admin/contentx/dpNews/launch.cfm?itemid=2455&r=10187).


This unbudgeted announcement was part of a $650 million promise the Redford PCs made today, bringing their spending spree to $7 billion. Wildrose does not oppose investing in our post-secondary education facilities; Wildrose does, however, disagree with the way the PCs are doing it. If these projects were so important to Redford and the PCs, why were they not included in their budget 2 weeks ago. Why was $86 million announced for MRU just hours before a forum Redford was set to participate in? It is this use of public dollars to advance the interests of the PC party that Albertans are so sick of. Wildrose stands for free enterprise, less government, increased personal freedom, and democracy.



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