April 03, 2012

Reality Check: Redford PCs Out of Touch with Alberta Families

Various media are reporting today that Alison Redford does not believe the public is “buying” the Wildrose Energy Dividend, and that she will “challenge” Wildrose on its plan. Wildrose welcomes this challenge. After years of voting themselves higher salaries, gold-plated pensions, and cushy perks, the Redford PCs have completely lost touch with the challenges facing Alberta families. 

Let’s review PC campaign announcements to-date and how they will “assist” Alberta families:

  • $3 Billion to oil companies in corporate welfare, on top of $2 Billion already given by the PCs for unproven carbon capture and storage programs
  • $700 million (estimated) for “family care clinics” which even PC supporters acknowledge they will have a tough time staffing, and which has so-far forced the closure of an existing health-care facility
  • Ability for pharmacists to renew prescriptions – recalling that the PCs have hiked the premiums Albertans pay for prescription drugs, hurting seniors disproportionately

None of the announcements made so far by the Redford PCs will help make life more affordable for Alberta’s families or seniors – in fact, just the opposite.  The PC addiction to higher spending will continue to push Alberta into deficit and will ultimately lead to higher taxes. Here’s the Wildrose plan to-date as outlined in our Wildrose Pledge to Albertans:

  • $2,000 per child tax deduction which forms Alberta’s first Child Tax Credit (families will save $200 per child, per year)
  • Eliminating mandatory school fees (families will save an estimated $100 per child, per year)
  • Child Culture, Arts, and Sports tax credit (families will save up to $500 per year when enrolling their children in cultural, arts, or sporting activities)
  • Alberta Energy Dividend which will provide families and seniors with 20% of all surplus resource dollars (estimated at $1,200 per family of four in 2015)
  • All of Wildrose’s commitments are based on the financial framework outlined in our proposed Balanced Budget and Savings Act, which will balance the books while preserving funding for frontline workers like nurses, teachers, and doctors, and set aside savings for the future by growing the Alberta Heritage Fund

Earlier today in Leduc, Danielle Smith outlined how the Alberta Energy Dividend would help Alberta seniors address the rising cost of living.  Seniors we spoke with were unanimous in their support for the Wildrose Energy Dividend and appreciated that unlike the PCs, Wildrose has new ideas that will put Albertans first. Redford believes Albertans will not “buy” the Alberta Energy Dividend, but that’s not the message that Wildrose is hearing at the doors.  Perhaps she should spend more time actually talking with everyday Albertans, instead of just her PC colleagues who are out of touch, and only out for themselves. Wildrose stands for free enterprise, less government, increased personal freedom, and democracy.


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