April 17, 2012

Reality Check: Redford On The Legacy Of Ralph Klein

It seems Alison Redford is being disingenuous when she talks about the Ralph Klein legacy of balanced budgets, savings and creating the Alberta Advantage.  At an Alberta Teachers Association (ATA) forum during the PC leadership race last year, Redford made her feelings about the Klein legacy quite clear. 


"We can't look back and we can't think about how we governed managed public policy 10-15 years ago, we have to think about the future, and when I think about my life and the times that I've lived in this province and the times I've been away, we all know there have been times in this province where we have had governments that haven't had sufficiently progressive values that we've dealt with the issues that we needed to deal with and we still have the legacies of those decisions." (1hr:49min http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OqGv4VR8FQ&list=UU7UCFdfHw6vwyKIn8rEyH-g&index=11&feature=plcp) Not only has the PC government abandoned balanced budgets in the name of bigger government and corporate welfare, but with $7 billion dollars in unfunded spending promises and after spending almost all of the $17 billion dollar sustainability fund, they're strongly hinting that they'll now have to raise your taxes. Unlike the PCs, the Wildrose has put forward a positive vision for the province that will balance the budget, save for the future and will put families first and build on the legacy of the Alberta Advantage. Wildrose stands for free enterprise, less government, increased personal freedom, and democracy.


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