October 17, 2014

Reality Check: Prentice more of the same on illegal donations, skipped forums and schools

CALGARY, AB (October 17, 2014): Today, Jim Prentice continued to mislead Albertans on the PC party’s record on illegal donations, for disrespecting voters by skipping democratic forums and on the PC government’s dismal record on building new schools.

CLAIM: Prentice said he wouldn’t force the PC party to pay back $102,776 in illegal donations, saying the documents were just “recycled for political purposes.”

FACT: As Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith said, “there is no statute of limitations on ethical behavior.” The PCs passed a law in 2012 prohibiting Elections Alberta from being able to disclose illegal donations received prior to 2010.  The documents show the PCs received or solicited $102,776 in illegal donations.  This money doesn’t belong in PC coffers, it belongs to taxpayers.

CLAIM: Prentice said he declined to appear on a leadership forum with the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees and would be happy to attend a community sponsored forum in Calgary-Foothills.

FACT: Prentice has already skipped out one community forum in Calgary-Foothills, sponsored by the Edgemont Community Association. Organizer Stephanie Evans said there were more than a dozen possible dates offered to Prentice for the debate.  It’s clear Prentice is directly running away from voters and refuses to be accountable and explain the PC government’s dismal record.

CLAIM: In a recent interview with the Edmonton Journal, Prentice claimed many of the 50 schools promised under former Premier Alison Redford have “shovels in the ground,” saying critics are spreading “misinformation.”

FACT: Only one of the 50 promised schools Redford promised in the 2012 election has “shovels in the ground.”

SEE the detailed list here

The overwhelming majority of school projects remain in the design or tender phase. 

Sadly, this is just more of the same from Jim Prentice and the PC party, promising anything and saying anything to try and hold onto power.

Whether it’s refusing to pay back over $100,000 in illegal donations, running away from voters or spreading misinformation on the construction of schools, Albertans have had enough.  It’s time to send the PCs a message and vote for a party dedicated to restoring ethics and integrity to the democratic process and building the schools Alberta’s growing communities need.


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