April 20, 2015

REALITY CHECK: Prentice endorsed patient wait time Guarantee

EDMONTON, AB (April 20, 2015): In 2006 and 2014, Jim Prentice endorsed expanding patient choice and bringing in a Patient Wait Time Guarantee so that patients aren’t stuck languishing in dangerously long wait times.

The 2006 Conservative campaign platform that Jim Prentice was elected on called for, “a Patient Wait Times Guarantee to ensure that all Canadians receive essential medical treatment within clinically acceptable waiting times, or can be treated in another jurisdiction, as required by the Supreme Court of Canada’s Chaoulli decision and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

In 2014, Jim Prentice signed his name to an agreement calling for, “more patient choice in health care.”

The Wait Time Guarantee says that when a patient’s wait for a medically necessary procedure exceeds the benchmark established by the Wait Time Alliance on five key procedures, the equivalent amount of public funding will follow that patient to the provider of their choice.

These procedures include: hip replacement, knee replacement, cataract surgery, coronary artery bypass and radiation therapy.

Maybe it’s time Jim Prentice decided that he supports getting patients treated on time instead of maintaining a bloated bureaucracy.


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