April 12, 2012

Reality Check: PCs Falsely Tout Physician Support For Their Family Care Clinics

The list of misguided PC policies on health care continues to pile up after another group of concerned physicians criticized the PC policy announcement on family care clinics. At the time of the announcement, Redford told reporters that the, "we [PCs] have had tremendous partnerships with the (Alberta) College of Family Physicians, who have said this is the way to deliver health care to families across this province."

 (http://www.sunnewsnetwork.ca/sunnews/politics/archives/2012/04/20120403-081136.html) But the ACFP has a very different take on the unbudgeted and unproven PC announcement. In an open letter released today, the ACFP President said the following, “It was also our understanding that the first three clinics would receive enough time to undergo proper evaluation prior to expansion of the concept. To our surprise, a vision to open 140 family care clinics in three years was announced last week, and appeared to circumvent our opportunity to provide evaluative feedback.” (http://www.acfp.ca/NewsEvents/PresidentsMessage.aspx) “The ACFP is disappointed with the communication surrounding this election promise and more specifically, was falsely reported as being supportive of the expansion.” (http://www.acfp.ca/NewsEvents/PresidentsMessage.aspx) This is the second group of professional physicians criticizing the PCs for making an irresponsible health care promise to Albertans. Dr. Linda Slocombe, head of the Alberta Medical Association, wrote to her members saying, “now, out of left field, comes this announcement – just hours after the pilot-project clinics opened their doors – thereby making a true and valid evaluation impossible.” (http://www.albertadoctors.org/bcm/ama/ama-website.nsf/AllDoc/050AC8CC1B43BD7A872579D700630AC6/$File/pub_preslet_5apr12_LTR.pdf) The PC campaign is becoming increasingly desperate. Not only are they making things up as they go, but they are falsely telling Albertans there is support for their policies-on-the-fly. When even PC supporters see the holes in their promises, how can Redford think no one else would? (http://www.wildrose.ca/press-releases/reality-check-pc-supporters-don%e2%80%99t-support-pc-policy-on-family-care-clinics/). This is in contrast to the well-thought out, meaningful reforms that Wildrose has presented. Wildrose has a clear, responsible, and affordable plan that will actually reduce wait times with the Alberta Patient Wait Time Guarantee, which will help ensure Albertans get the proper care they need, when they need it.


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