April 08, 2015

REALITY CHECK: PC plan a boom on new taxes a bust on fiscal restraint

EDMONTON, AB (April 8, 2015): Today, Jim Prentice told Albertans that his plan to tax billions out of the economy to sustain the most expensive government in Canada is “realistic and balanced.”

The reality is the PC plan brings in the highest tax increase in Alberta history while families are hurting the most.  

In stark contrast, the Wildrose have five bold priorities focused on not raising taxes, shrinking the size of government and securing jobs, growth and prosperity.


  • The PC budget will take up to $2.7 billion out of the economy  every year to subsidize the most expensive government in Canada
  • The PC budget increases government spending by $3.5 billion over the next five years
  • Under the PC budget, Alberta will continue to spend $8 billion more per-capita than British Columbia
  • $2,500 will be the annual cost of new taxes for the average Alberta family
  • Under the PC budget, Alberta will have a staggering $31 billion debt by 2019

The PC plan to tax and spend Alberta back to prosperity will not work.  

In contrast, Wildrose is dedicated to standing up for Albertans by keeping taxes low, shrinking the size of government and growing the economy.


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