April 02, 2012

REALITY CHECK: PC Health Announcement Shows More Of The Same Failed Thinking

Today Alison Redford announced the PCs will continue to mismanage public health care by throwing approximately $700 million of tax payer money at building more new, empty, and understaffed health care facilities.


  • Just like the Calgary South Hospital, once again PCs are using taxpayer dollars to construct costly empty buildings with no medical staff to serve patients. Buildings don’t provide health care, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals do.
  • One family health care facility costs an approximate $5 million to operate; the PCs are committed to building 140, making this a $700 million commitment. It is curious the PCs failed to include costing details in the information provided to the public.
  • Right now these facilities are still in the pilot project phase and their effectiveness is unproven. All we know is that when the PCs opened the first facility it forced an already established community medical facility to close up shop. (http://www.vancouversun.com/news/calgary/Calgary+doctors+close+clinic+make+controversial+pilot+project/6345349/story.html)
  • Furthermore, the facility that closed its doors to make way for the PCs’ pilot project cost one-fifth as much as the government facility.

    “The Mosaic Primary Care Clinic, which costs about $1-million a year to run, will now close its doors March 28 after officials decided “not to compete” with the province’s $5-million family clinic, Shenher said.” (http://www.vancouversun.com/news/calgary/Calgary+doctors+close+clinic+make+controversial+pilot+project/6345349/story.html)

  • Redford herself confirmed this morning that the facilities are currently in the experimental phase and their effectiveness has not even been evaluated - yet, she and the PCs are planning to construct 140 new, unproven facilities. How much more can they mismanage health care and our tax payer dollars?

    “Albertans need access to health care services in their own community," says Premier Alison Redford. "Currently we have three pilot Family Care Clinics operating in the province. We will evaluate their performance and make adjustments to provide better service in communities throughout the province." (www.votepc.ca/admin/contentx/dpNews/launch.cfm?itemid=2392) “Liberal health critic David Swann said the family care clinic project seems to have been hustled together without adequate planning — at the expense of quality care already in place. “It is disturbing there would be this sense of redundancy when there is such need across the province,” said Swann. “It flies in the face of efficiency and contradicts the premier’s contention that these are going to be complementary and ensure that all Albertans have access to primary care.” (http://www.vancouversun.com/news/calgary/Calgary+doctors+close+clinic+make+controversial+pilot+project/6345349/story.html)

  • The first PC campaign commitment was a $3 billion corporate welfare program and this morning they’ve announced throwing more money at the health care system rather than introduce meaningful reforms. This only further confirms how out of touch the PCs really are.
  • The Redford PCs have wilfully opposed any meaningful reform to health care, jeopardizing patient safety and wasting money on government bureaucrats instead of hiring additional doctors and nurses. Their cavalier attitude was made only too clear when Redford broke her promise to hold a judicial inquiry into allegations of corruption and intimidation in Alberta’s health care system.
  • Wildrose recognizes that the answer is not to throw more money at the health care system, cross our fingers, and hope that things improve. This is what the PCs have done for years and we know it does not work.

Wildrose stands for free enterprise, less government, increased personal freedom and democracy.


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