April 04, 2012

Reality Check: PC Broken Promises, Empty Buildings

Today, the Alison Redford PCs continued their taxpayer- funded spending spree by announcing the construction of 50 more schools and 70 school renovations, which are both unbudgeted and will cost upwards of $2.4 billion (www.calgaryherald.com/Alberta+Tories+pledge+build+renovate+schools/6411493/story.html#ixzz1r6d89kps). Furthermore, in both their family clinic announcement and today’s announcement the Redford PCs have not budgeted for operating costs which are approximately $3 million annually, including staffing (Alberta's average teacher with 10 years experience makes $92,000, the highest in Canada http://education.alberta.ca/department/budget.aspx). 


So once again taxpayers are footing the bill for more empty buildings. In the last 10 days they have pledged to spend $6 billion in unbudgeted promises. That’s over $600 million per day! These figures don’t even take into account the various multi-million dollar infrastructure promises the Redford PCs have made to communities along the campaign trail. Let’s review the PC 10-day taxpayer dollar spending spree:

  • March 28: $3 billion corporate welfare program.
  • April 2: $700 million for costly, unproven, empty medical clinics.
  • April 4: $2.4 billion for empty schools.

There is only one possible way to pay for all of this spending: the Redford PCs will have to RAISE TAXES. Note, they have already said they are going to “review the tax structure” if re-elected* (http://alberta.ca/thronespeech2012.cfm). It is more than obvious that the out of touch, out of energy Redford PCs will say anything and make any lavish promise to voters to hang onto to their toxic power-centered culture. The PCs would have us believe that Albertans have to choose between educating our children and adequate healthcare or the Alberta Energy Dividend. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Alberta Energy Dividend is only issued once the budget is balanced, all services - education and healthcare included - are provided for, and a surplus is generated. The only decision Albertans have to make is between an out of touch Redford PC party that will raise their taxes or a Wildrose government that has new, responsible, ideas that put Albertans first. Wildrose stands for free enterprise, less government, increased personal freedom, and democracy.


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