August 13, 2015

REALITY CHECK: Joe Ceci misleads on NDP economic record

EDMONTON, AB (August  13, 2015):  Today, Finance Minister Joe Ceci made a series of misleading claims about the economic record of his NDP government, but the facts speak for themselves.

Claim: “The overwhelming majority of Albertan families are paying lower taxes overall than they would have under the former government.”

Fact: All Alberta families are paying more taxes under the NDP government than they would under a Wildrose government.

Claim: “People in Ottawa are playing politics these days, while here in Alberta we are focused on governing.”

Fact: If Minister Ceci was really focused on governing, we would have a budget presented to the legislature before the fiscal year was half over. It is Ceci who is playing politics by keeping the details of his ideologically driven deficit-and-debt budget hidden until after the federal election to protect Thomas Mulcair.

Claim: “They have the worst job creation record of any federal administration since World War II, and they have added $150 billion to the national debt. These kinds of results seem to be in their DNA.”

Fact: Ceci’s NDP government has contributed directly to uncertainty and job losses in Alberta through business tax hikes, personal tax hikes, minimum wage hikes, tripling of the carbon levy, a royalty review and a climate review panel, all while businesses and families are coping with oil prices at a six-year low.



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