April 14, 2012

Reality Check: Alison Redford Buying Votes with Taxpayer Dollars - Again

April 14, 2012 (Calgary, AB): Wildrose obtained a letter (http://archive.wildrose.ca/media/2012/04/Letter-from-Alison-Redford-001-2.jpg) sent from Alison Redford to the PC candidate and Minister for Seniors, George VanderBrurg, in Whitecourt-Ste. Anne in which Redford not only promises a new hospital for residents in Whitecourt, but also assures that this project will be bumped up on the Provincial Capital Plan for infrastructure. 

The letter is dated April 12, 2012. Perhaps even more shameful than the letter itself, VanderBurg has been handing it out like candy to local residents. Redford has been going into communities making lavish promise after lavish promise - including $86 million for her own riding of Calgary-Elbow.  How many of these letters has she sent to other communities in Alberta, in which she commits to substantial investments and has no means to pay for them? Albertans sick of playing politics with infrastructure. Redford stood in front of Albertans three days ago insisting she was different, that the PCs were different under her leadership. But Redford cannot fix the PC culture of corruption, because she has become a main player. It's time for Albertans to have a genuine voice in what is funded and when in their communities. This will happen under a Wildrose government. No longer will politicians be able to play favorites with public funds. 


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