October 03, 2014

Rapid Response: A lot of things have changed in 14 years

Today the PC Party cherry picked a 14 year old quote from a Calgary Herald column to suggest that Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith’s position on Gordon Dirks has changed. Well, a lot of things have changed in the last 14 years.

For example, let’s consider Gordon Dirks’ record while chair of the Calgary Board of Education:

In 2008 (eight years after Smith made the quote in question) Dirks put executive offices ahead of Alberta students by championing a $285 million ‘Taj Mahal’ for CBE executives and administrators.

Perhaps the PCs are confused that it’s now 2014 and a lot of things have changed:

  • The PC government used to run surplus budgets, now they run year-over-year deficits
  • Alberta students were amongst the best in the world on international education testing, now we’re lagging behind
  • Alberta’s public health care system used to be one of the best in Canada, now we’re dead last

14 years ago the PC party believed in balanced budgets, good governance, and putting Albertans first. That isn’t the case anymore. That’s why Albertans need to send the PCs a message on October 27th.



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