November 19, 2012

QP: CORRECTING THE RECORD: PCs wrong on illegal donations, leadership contributions and health expenses

EDMONTON, AB (November 19, 2012):   PC CLAIM: Deputy Premier Thomas Lukaszuk, while ignoring a question on the PC plan to take on debt and raise spending stated, “Today we find out that while attending a federal Conservative fundraiser, she expects Alberta taxpayers to eat the cost of those tickets by claiming them to taxpayers, not only to herself, but also to her husband.” 

FACT: As pointed out in the house through a point of order by Wildrose House Leader Rob Anderson, these tickets were not expensed to Alberta taxpayers. Unlike the PC government, Wildrose Official Opposition Leader Danielle Smith has been fully transparent and released all her expenses, including all constituency expenses.  

PC CLAIM:  Responding to a question on a senior health executives expensing donations to political parties, Health Minister Fred Horne stated, “Well Mr. Speaker, to my knowledge, all of the expenses that have been requested through the Freedom of Information Privacy and Protection Act have been released.”  

FACT: Most FOIP requests to AHS, especially those of health expenses for executives of the previous nine health regions and in the current AHS superboard, have been delayed, with no indication of what will eventually be released.  Further, it has been reported that several PC Cabinet Ministers are resisting in revealing their expenses through FOIP requests.  The Canadian Taxpayers Federation states that details on expenses reimbursed by Deputy Premier Thomas Lukaszuk along with Ministers Horner, Hancock, Cusanelli and Klimchuk have all been refused.  

PC CLAIM: Responding to further questions on health dollars being spent on partisan fundraising, Deputy Premier Thomas Lukaszuk said, “While this leader of this government has posted all of her donations from her leadership race, we’re still waiting for the leader of the Official Opposition to tell us who donated and how much.” 

FACT: Wildrose Official Opposition Leader Danielle Smith disclosed her 2009 leadership campaign contributions on March 25 2012 which was also reported in the media.  

PC CLAIM: Responding to a question from Wildrose Finance Critic Rob Anderson asking the government to get a mandate through referendum to go into debt, Finance Minister Doug Horner stated, “the referendum was April of this year.”  

FACT: At no time in the 2012 campaign did the PC party mention the possibility of introducing debt financing and breaking its promise for a balanced budget in 2013-14.  

PC CLAIM: Responding to a question from Wildrose Health Critic Heather Forsyth why this government is ignoring doctors in consultations for family care clinics, Health Minister Fred Horne said, “Well Mr. Speaker, I’m not aware that anyone is saying that at all.”  

FACT: The most recent letter from the Alberta Medical Association states, “We have primary care reform through family care clinics (FCCs) occurring in the dark, away from the input of physicians and others.” 


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