October 23, 2012

QP: CORRECTING THE RECORD: PCs spin instead of addressing the issues

EDMONTON, AB (October 23, 2012): Instead of seriously addressing the most recent flip flop on MLA pay, a growing deficit and ongoing issues with a culture of entitlement, members of the PC government continued to give inaccurate answers failing to address the concerns of Albertans.

PC CLAIM:  When being questioned on the introduction of transition allowance and an RRSP pay increase at the recent Members Services’ Committee, Premier Alison Redford responded, “This is a committee of the Legislature that at some point will make a decision that we as MLAs will consider.” FACT:  The Premier is trying to say she has no authority over PC members on the Members Services Committee but Steve Young claimed this was a proposal on behalf of the PC Caucus. Who is in charge? Though it is true that the Members Services’ Committee includes all parties in the Legislature, the PC members, with majority vote, ultimately determine the direction the committee takes. They unanimously voted for the RRSP increase and transition allowance. FACT: The Premier immediately contradicted the claim she has no authority over her members on the committee by saying “We made it very clear as a government and have stood by the fact that we do not support a transitional allowance, we will not support a transitional allowance.” PC CLAIM: Justice and Solicitor General Minister Jonathan Denis claimed that the Wildrose wants to cut law enforcement officers from Highway 63. FACT:  The Wildrose report on Highway 63, Getting it Done, asks for eight more permanent law enforcement officers on Highway 63. PC CLAIM: In replying to a question on the government moving seniors out of their homes in the Little Bow Continuing Care Centre, Health Minister Fred Horne said, “It is true that the facility met the building code of the 1950’s… It lacked many of the amenities we would consider necessary for providing the best quality of care for seniors in the province.” FACT: The facility in Carmangay had renovations done in the early 1990s and in March 2012 received an inspection report from AHS saying that it met building code requirements and had approval to operate to March 2013.



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