November 26, 2012

QP: CORRECTING THE RECORD: PCs hide behind FOIP, off on health and infrastructure

EDMONTON, AB (November 26, 2012): PC CLAIM: Responding to a question by Wildrose Calgary-Shaw MLA Jeff Wilson on a PC Minister not revealing expenses through FOIP, PC Government House Leader Dave Hancock stated, “(it’s) totally inappropriate for the honourable member to make allegations against another member, he’s totally wrong.” 

FACT:  It has been reported several PC Cabinet Ministers are resisting in revealing their expenses, prior to the government’s new expense policy, through FOIP requests.  The Canadian Taxpayers Federation states details on expenses reimbursed to Deputy Premier Thomas Lukaszuk along with Ministers Horner, Hancock, Cusanelli and Klimchuk have all been refused. 

PC CLAIM: Responding to a question from Wildrose Health Critic Heather Forsyth on a lack of respect for physicians over a recently imposed contract on physicians, Health Minister Fred Horne stated, “Mr. Speaker this is about a government and a caucus defending against an official opposition which seeks to privatize and dismantle and undermine confidence in our health care system.” 

FACT: This is a complete mischaracterization of the Wildrose health care policy. The Wildrose Official Opposition health policy upholds the five key principles of the Canada Health Act – health insurance will continue to be publicly administered, comprehensive, universal, portable and accessible.  The Wildrose policy also seeks to model Alberta’s health care system after successful European systems that have shorter waiting lists and higher patient satisfaction while maintaining reasonable spending levels and public health insurance.  Most importantly, no Albertan will ever have to pull out their credit card to receive medical treatment. 

PC CLAIM: Responding to a question from Wildrose Education Critic Bruce McAllister on the lack of a priority building list for education capital projects, Education Minister Jeff Johnson replied, “[the] Infrastructure Minister would tell you we actually publish the lists and the lists are online of all the projects that are approved.” 

FACT: The PC government has never released a detailed public infrastructure priority list where Albertans can see where infrastructure projects are ranked.


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