February 02, 2012

Putting parents & students first: Wildrose releases Commitment to Parents on Education

AIRDRIE, AB (February 2, 2012): Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith released the second Wildrose Commitment to Albertans today in Airdrie -  a plan that will provide more funding, more teachers, and more parental choice in Alberta’s public education system. The Wildrose will release five Commitments in key policy areas between now and the next provincial election.

 On Tuesday, Smith released with Wildrose Commitment to Power Consumers in Fort Saskatchewan. As part of the Commitment to Parents on Education, a Wildrose government would be committed to providing:

  • More education funding by redirecting money from wasteful spending
  • More teachers for our children by giving local school boards the long-term funding and authority needed to hire more teachers
  • More schools where they are needed by ending the politicization of new school site selection by publicly posting the priority of all future school sites and the criteria used to arrive at that priority.
  • More parental choice by giving principals, parent councils and individual schools more choice in selecting curriculum and teaching methods. We will also encourage the establishment of new fully-funded public charter and other non-profit independent schools so long as they are open to all students and do not charge tuition.
  • More improved student learning and assessment by working with education experts and teachers to transition from the current Provincial Achievement Testing to a more effective testing model that helps parents and teachers better gauge student progress and deals with learning challenges immediately.
  • More support for special needs students by giving parents and teachers more flexibility to determine how to use funding for the specific needs of each individual child

“Alberta’s public education system should be responsible and accountable to parents and students above all,” Smith said.  “A Wildrose government will abide by this core principle by continuing to invest in classrooms and giving parents even more choice in how to educate their children.” Wildrose MLA for Airdrie-Chestermere Rob Anderson said that the Wildrose Commitment will empower parents, teachers and communities to have a greater role in local education, while halting political interference from provincial politicians. “The Wildrose is the party of education and families,” Anderson said.  “The era of PC politicians playing games with the future of our children must come to end. The Wildrose will put paying for new schools and teachers ahead of perks for politicians and corporate welfare.”


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