February 14, 2013

Putting Albertans First: Towle launches seniors tour

EDMONTON, AB (February 14, 2013): On Tuesday, Wildrose Official Opposition Seniors Critic Kerry Towle will hit the road on a two-week tour to consult with Alberta seniors, stakeholders and advocacy groups on challenges seniors are facing. Towle is scheduled to visit 23 towns and cities to listen and learn more about the range of seniors’ issues, including ongoing problems seniors are facing while encountering and accessing services provided by the government.

 From informal meetings to open roundtables with stakeholders and members of the public, Towle’s Seniors Tour will provide the opportunity for the Wildrose to listen to the discussion seniors are having about problems they encounter with the health system. After the tour is completed, Towle will compile and present a report to government based on input received. “Seniors built this great province and they deserve better than they are currently getting from this out-of-touch PC government,” Towle said. “The PC government’s fiscal incompetence has put a significant strain on services available to seniors and the ability of seniors to access the health care system when they need it. On this tour, I hope to hear from seniors on ways they see to improve service delivery and improve the quality of health care they are receiving.” Towle said she hopes to gain a deeper understanding of the real issues seniors face and hear some of their proposed solutions in order to develop stronger and more comprehensive policy in the future. “I think seniors’ issues are some of the most complex and misunderstood issues out there,” Towle said. “That’s why I’m doing this. We are committed understanding the problems Alberta seniors face and then crafting smart, sensible policies to address them.”


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