April 07, 2012

Protection Of Public Health Care Guarantee: Strengthening Our Public Health Care System For Albertans And Their Families

April 7, 2012 (Lethbridge, AB): Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith today highlighted how a Wildrose government would ensure more timely health care for Alberta families by implementing an Alberta Patient Wait Time Guarantee and a Protection of Public Health Care Guarantee that will increase the number of publicly insured procedures performed in Alberta. "The number one public service Albertans want from our government is a first-class, publically-funded, universally accessible health care system," Smith said.  

 "But they're not getting it from the Redford PC government, despite record levels of funding." "That's why the Alberta Patient Wait Time Guarantee is so important. It includes a Protection of Public Health Care Guarantee that will increase the number of treatments and procedures in Alberta so Albertans and their families can get the care they need in their own communities." The Wildrose approach will put patients first.  We'll add capacity, choice, and competition in our healthcare system by allowing a mix of public and private health care delivery, while maintaining full public funding and universal accessibility, as prescribed under the Canada Health Act. The Wildrose Patient Wait Time Guarantee will ensure that Albertans and their families get access to 10 critical health procedures within the wait time benchmarks set by the Canadian Wait Time Alliance of medical professionals.  If Alberta's public healthcare system can't meet these benchmarks, Alberta Health Insurance will pay to have the procedures performed at independent facilities inside or outside the province. The Protection of Public Health Care Guarantee will ensure the number of procedures covered by Alberta Health Insurance will increase until the Canadian Wait Time Alliance benchmarks are achieved. That means more Albertans getting treatment closer to home. "The multi-billion-dollar healthcare proposals announced by Alison Redford during the election campaign have been met with sharp criticism and even ridicule by Alberta's doctors," Smith said.  "It's clear the PCs have no credible ideas to improve the public health system for Albertans and their families."



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